Weekend Warriors: Pour House Show & Vocal Tracking

This weekend has been a blast! After a racous St. Patrick's evening watching Maszer and Dead Feather Moon at the Pour House, we returned the very next evening for a show of our own! The energy at the Pour House is contagious, and this Saturday's show was extra-special - some old friends from high school (and even our spanish teacher!!) came out to rock. After we delivered the goods to our lovely audience, it was our turn to get groovy to the sounds of Grizzly Business and Mittens. 

Sunday marked the return to Stereo Disguise Recording League. The day was comprised of Will laying down vocals that resonate with universal truth, and Brad (our master engineer man) garnishing the mix with flecks of pure studio magic. fucking jolly good.

Upcoming for the week, we got 2 more days of mixing/recording in SDRL! We love the studio life, but the concept of finishing this album is exciting beyond measure. Then, we're headlining at The Merrow on 3/23. We'll be playing with our favorites Imagery Machine, who just released a new single "Higher Tides" (click to scope on Spotify!), and the synth serendipity that is Noble War.