ah, spring. flowers blooming. new life emerging. allergies arriving. 

time for cleaning. time to hit the gym. time to actually start those new year's resolutions.

sometimes we say "that's life" as a way of rationalizing our obligations. working dayjobs, paying bills, running errands - these are certainly part of many a modern human's experience, but they don't have to define who we are or how we perceive ourselves. our passions, hobbies, dreams, and desires are just as deserving of our time as the things we feel we have to do. 

although we spent most of our week rehearsing, and working on our 2 big projects (besides the album), we took time for experiences outside of our work bubble. we celebrated our friend Bijan's 25th birthday (for 2 days!) with soccer, beer pong, ping pong, board games, and planet earth 2. every day we are alive is worth celebrating, but when a friend reaches his quarter-century, sometimes one day of celebration just isn't enough.